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Politics, Philosophy, and occasional Cinephilia.
Illustration by me, Jakob Wilmer.

The world is full of shit; we know that. There’s war, there’s racism, there’s poverty, there’s famine, there’s hatred. There’s also nuclear weapons, pollution and mass extinction. I could mention all the good things in the world, too. But this text is made not to remind you how beautiful this world can be, but that there are things in society marginalizing the possibility for beautiful things to even exist.

The Coronavirus is not an anomaly. War, poverty, and famine together kill more people in rates far higher than that of the coronavirus. Considering what has been done to prevent the…

Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

The #BlackoutTuesday was an interesting phenomenon. What began as an act of solidarity and pause from one’s other activities resulted in the most widely and rapidly shared image online.

The idea came from within the music industry following the act of police brutality and racism with the killing of George Floyd, as an attempt to increase the awareness of this serious issue. Quickly the image spread and what initially looked like a successful “marketing wave” soon rendered a movement full of hypocrisy, counterproductiveness, and self-gratification. It had successfully highlighted another serious issue in today’s society. …

With the increase of individualism comes depression, low self-esteem and a lesser sense of belongingness

Photo by Tom Zimmerman on Unsplash

We live in an individualistic, competitive society where ones end goal is to become prosperous and successful. If you fail, you are the problem, and if you triumph, it is trough your unmatched superiorness. We ridicule those who fail and loose while we idolise and worship those in power.

Defenition of Individualism: a doctrine that the interests of the individual are or ought to be ethically paramount. Also: a theory maintaining the political and economic independence of the individual and stressing individual initiative, action, and interests.

Aiming high

One of the most significant lessons we learn when we grow up is that…

A woman thrifting for clothes

There are many reasons why buying things at secondhand stores, also known as thrifting, is good for you. Although, it can be intimidating. Perhaps it feels gross knowing that someone else has owned the product before you, or you can rarely seem to find exactly what you are looking for. However, do not let this prevent you from thrifting as it is very beneficial for you. Let me explain why.

First off, purchasing already owned things is a tremendous relief for the environment. Compared to buying something new, there are no new materials needed, nothing goes to waste, and no…

Our digitalized world

Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

We are living in an ever more digital world that constantly demands our attention. Everything is just a few clicks away. Joy, intrigue, excitement, awe, and love. Right in our pockets. This makes our phones and other digital devices very versatile tools, and in some cases crucial. However, they are equally addicting as they are useful. This addiction has to be treated to prevent it from taking over our lives. We only want them to be good for us, not the opposite. Research has found that on average each UK Citizen uses their phones for almost 3.5 hours a day…

If a country (primarily a democracy) faces problems caused by the public’s behaviour and conduct, there are two ways to deal with them. Either change the law or educate the people — or both.

Changing the law will provoke the public if it changes fundamental parts of their life, as seen in France when president Macron raised the taxes on fuel (despite the almost neglectable impact on their life).

Yellow vests movement burning a truck in Paris, France

Then, if the change is crucial, the government need to regulate and fix the problem everyone is causing, and educate them about it. In these times of populism and ignorance, changing…

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

5 tips to gain control over your phone life

I recently downloaded an app which monitored my activity on my phone. A month flew by and the app informed me that I had used my phone for more than 72 hours. That is three full days worth of looking at my phone. In a month! Ten per cent of my month was spent looking on my phone. What about my awake time? I wouldn’t want to know. Most of it was spent on Instagram and browsing the web, two completely unimportant activities.

I realised that the phone had taken control of my life. I was constantly refreshing my feed…

We are currently living through a crisis that requires drastic measures in order to be solved. This includes electrifying our cars. Everyone seems to agree on this solution at least, climate activists and car companies alike. But what difference will it actually make?

Electric cars are considered key in solving the climate crisis. However, research shows that even in a best-case scenario the impact is too small to make a considerable difference. According to this article, a combustion engine car emits roughly 6 to 35 tonnes of CO2 during its making depending on the size of it. Electric cars emit…

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by information? Most certainly you have. Perhaps during a long presentation at school, or while binge-watching YouTube videos about things you are only vaguely interested in. Now, more than ever is information so easily accessible. While this is positive in many ways, we seem to neglect and forget the negative aspects.

The information we are being exposed to might have value in itself, but to the unprepared mind, it is nearly useless. Obtaining information should be done with purpose. If there is no motivation or intent to learn, learning can even have a negative impact…

Jakob Wilmer

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